Audition Workshop


Welcome to the Audition Workshop!

A lot of professionals or students in the musical business experience different emotions when they enter an audition. These emotions can vary from light nerves or anxiety and sometimes fear. 


When these emotions are not kept under control it can limit you tremendously when performing for an audition or another form of assessment. 

So what if you are able to keep these emotions under control and maybe even have fun?!


During this 3 hour workshop we will provide you with the tools for you to experience more ease at auditions or assessments. So if you would like to get rid of the limitations that prevent you to create the career of you dreams, then sign up for this amazing event!





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25-Aug-2020 &



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25-Aug-2020: 19.30 - 22.30

30-Aug-2020: 14.00 - 17.00



Ruby Pichel & Wieneke Remmers



English or Dutch (depending on the participants)



To be determined - Rotterdam / The Hague Area (depending on group size), The Netherlands



€ 75,- per participant




About the Facilitators


Wieneke Remmers has extensive experience in the musical business and has had the privilige to interpret many beautiful roles in "The Sound of Music, "De Jantjes", "Annie", "Hij gelooft in mij" and many more. She uses her expertise from all these productions to prepare her peers or newcomers in the business for an outstanding performance or an audition. 


Ruby Pichel is experienced with coaching and training in the commercial business, primarily focussed on mindset and the right energy to get things done. Because of her affinty with performing and musicals her coachingstechnique provides the ideal combination of practical mindset and love for the art of performing.